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Femmes souriant en tenue de yoga

Coaching in gentle gymnastics 

I specialized in the disciplines of  yoga and  pilates because they are excellent practices with many benefits on the body and mind. Accessible to everyone. Soft gymnastics is a sport that can be practiced by everyone, regardless of age...

These are sports that build muscles in depth and that solicit all the muscles of the body, arms, legs and the abdominal belt for a better posture.

The practice of soft gymnastics requires flexibility and  balance to perform certain movements, which promotes flexibility of the joints and therefore to gain flexibility. 

Yoga and pilates should be part of a way of life, it's a complete physical activity for body and mind. The practice of these disciplines brings   real benefits by improving strength and flexibility but also by reducing stress and anxiety.

Cours de yoga

The benefits of yoga 

The body is the envelope that houses our spirit. Also it is essential that our body is resistant and healthy.

  • To do asanas: it is to maintain our body and to heal it.

  • To breathe: it is to clean the body and bring it its necessary energy.

  • To make mudras: it is to facilitate and direct the currents of energy.

  • To make bandhas: it is to regulate his nervous system, his blood circulation.

  • Doing mantras: it's repeating sounds known for their benefits on the body and the mind.

  • Doing meditation: it's slowing down your metabolism, slowing down the degradation of tissues and evacuating any sign of anxiety.

  • Doing relaxation: it is to restore, to revitalize.

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