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Play is a child's job, it's his job, it's his life 

Pauline Kergomard  

Unleash the potential of the child and you will transform the world with him

Maria Montessori 

Penelope Leach 

Zen baby bubble, support around parenting from A to  Z 

Bulle de Bébé Zen offers workshops   for support around parenting, motor, affective, emotional development and the well-being of babies and children with their parents.

Our parent/baby/child workshops make it possible to strengthen parental ties so that everyone can find their place within the family, to build a relationship  of listening, of trust based on love merely. Thus you will share a moment full of complicity with your child and will leave with well-being  methods to use independently at home.

For a more global approach responding individually to everyone's needs,   relaxation, yoga and relaxation sessions in a playful way are offered to promote physical and mental relaxation, concentration, relaxation. learning of the body image, socialization by the community, sharing, awakening in general.


For future mothers, workshops have been set up  to help you support you during your pregnancy through post natal sophrology sessions, an adapted well-being massage protocol and support for the entourage in the arrival and reception of the baby.

Famille heureuse

My support


The creative being will be able to find solutions to the problems they will encounter in their future on a personal but also societal level for the creation of a better world with more tolerance, harmony and peace.

Thanks to Nathalie Philipon Dramé the lioness, the wolf, source of Light, Spiritual Sister, you are a source of inspiration, you guided me with kindness, you have all my gratitude. love and smile, the doors open :) 

Development of their full personal potential (without putting them in a mould), allowing them to be themselves.

Develop from an early age everything that will allow them to lay the foundations of a beautiful personality to succeed in life.

Develop their potential, develop their fundamental qualities: concentration, autonomy, self-confidence, trust in adults (who are capable of preparing the best environment for the very young child) in order to have a fulfilling and happy.

Make them free thinkers (free in their heads) who build themselves with freedom and autonomy of thought.


Develop the brain and the hand which will make them very complete and creative and imaginative beings.


They will thus find their own solutions.


Develop their essential senses to allow them to have the best possible approach to the world because we understand the world and others through our senses first, which can be refined to the finest between 0 and 3 years old.


As a result, they will appreciate the world better by managing their emotions better and by not needing artificial emotional resources (drugs, alcohol).

Indeed, the very refined development of the 5 senses leads to a certain "6th sense" and therefore to a better understanding of others, their cultures, and their emotions.


Develop a world of peace because if each being feels good about themselves, finds their way, finds the means to achieve their goals, is independent, they no longer need to be in conflict, and to generate bad emotions.


The creative being will be able to find solutions to the problems they will encounter in their future on a personal but also societal level for the creation of a better world with more tolerance, harmony and peace.

Bulle de bébé Zen
The proposed activities 

When the adult offers an early learning activity to the child, it must correspond to the child's developmental stage, particularly in the areas:

  • Relational

  • Engine

  • Cognitive

Thus, the choice of toys, objects and games will be made in line with the capacities and interests specific to a given period of the child's life.

They must allow sensory awakening. Play promotes child development at all levels.

Baby "well-born" massage,
in cocooning mode 


During this workshop, you will learn a massage protocol specific to the baby and exclusive "massage bubble" set up thanks to the various external speakers (educator of young children, psychomotor therapist, relaxologist, reflexologist...).

These different relaxation maneuvers come from different continents (Europe, Asia, Africa...), you will learn about pediatric and facial foot reflexology.

You will address specific topics related to baby massage so baby massage will no longer hold any secrets for you!


You will also discover baby yoga postures.

Les mamans et les bébés

Baby Yoga 

Our  Baby Yoga workshop  allows parents to strengthen and create the parent-child bond.

These different postures adapted to the age of the baby make it possible to accompany the motor, affective and emotional development of the baby but also to integrate the different reflexes of the baby thus, the parents will participate in the awakening and the complete and optimal development of their child thus promoting their future learning.

During this fun workshop, you will learn different  postures, variations and yoga sequences adapted to babies (0-15 months) according to their motor development.

No need for parents to practice yoga to participate in this workshop; which makes training and workshops accessible to all!

Mères exerçant avec des bébés
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