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My Signature Massage 


  As a wellness practitioner, I graduated from the International Spa School,  I followed the  Course de la main d'or, thus training me to provide effective and quality tailor-made massages. 


My signature massage called Zen Escape Bubble is qualified as a relaxing and energetic well-being massage, combining anatomical knowledge and listening to your body.

It is a personalized, harmonious and fluid massage which acts on areas of tension and letting go for total relaxation of the body.

The BDZ massage is a moment ofmuscle relaxationand ofrelaxationfor people looking for an effective and quality massage.  

Massage du dos

Rich in experience in this field, my signature massage which I have named Zen Escape Bubble massage is based on massage techniques from around the world: Californian massage, Swedish massage, plantar reflexology, lymphatic drainage, _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_ shiatsu, thai and ayurvedic. 


The Zen Escape Bubble massage is a clever mix of several massage techniques,   soft, enveloping with Californian massage, flexibility and muscle relaxation with Swedish massage, precision, energy rebalancing with massages Ayurvedic, shiatsu, stretching and stretching for renewed mobility with Thai massage.  

Energy rebalancing stimulates the various energy points (meridians and acupuncture points) in order to soothe tensions, relieve localized pain and revitalize the body. Energy massage is responsible, as their name suggests, to restore the circulation of energy in your body. Indeed, certain events or feelings can considerably affect the latter, causing physical pain or certain psychosomatic disorders. 

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