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Pregnant woman massage

To facilitate pregnancy, the future mother needs to be pampered from head to toe to fully enjoy this wonderful and intimate period. 


A moment of relaxation and cocooning for the future mother necessary during pregnancy.


More than solicited, the body experiences hormonal and physical upheavals which require particular attention during this period.

Attentive listening is essential for your body during the  9 months of pregnancy, which is why I offer you a massage that meets your needs related to the symptoms and uncomfortable sensations of pregnancy: back pain, legs and prevention of stretch marks. 

Relaxation, well-being and relaxation will be the key words to accompany you during this particular period  

relaxation femme enceinte

Prenatal Massage,

Massage and pregnancy: precautions and recommendations

  • definition. What is good for the mother is generally good for the fetus! 

  • Best period. As a general rule, the fetus must be "stabilized" (beyond 3 months) to be able to provide massages to a pregnant woman.

  • Self-massage

  • Essential oils prohibited.

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