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Reiki (pronounced "RE-WHO") is part of the family of energy healing therapies. The word Reiki is of Japanese origin and comes from the word "Raku-Kei", the science and art of developing the spiritual self. 

Reiki traitement

Reiki healing 

Reiki is thus the universal energy of the soul or the universal vital energy. The word Reiki is now used in the West to represent a specific energy healing technique, also known as “Reiki Usui Healing Method” or “Ryôhô Reiki Usui”. The word Reiki in Japanese, however, can be used to describe any spiritual energy healing technique. 

The origins of reiki

A little history...


History of the creator of reiki by Mikao Usui 


The most important moment in the life of Mikao Usui is certainly his ascent of Mount Kurama Yama where he fasted and did penance (a practice called "kushu shinren"). It is difficult to determine the date of the beginning of this fast (a stone agrees to say that it was in 1922), but the writings indicate that he meditated for 21 days in the hope of accessing a spiritual awakening. It was on the 21st day that he felt Reiki above him, and received healing through Reiki energy. 

Upon his return, Mikao Usui practiced Reiki on himself and his family, and he obtained good results. It was in April 1922 that he settled in Aoyama Harajuku, Tokyo. He opened the doors of his institute (Gakkai) there to provide Reiki treatments and to teach the Reiki Usui healing method. 


Holistic healing practices with the hands were very popular in the 1920s. 


In Asia, traditional medicine works with the meridians of the body, and Reiki is no exception. Meridians are bodily energy networks, which carry vital energy within our body. These meridians are connected to the main organs of the body. Acupuncture is an example of therapy using these energy networks to encourage healing in the body. 


The practice of Reiki cleans these energy networks and restores the body's balance between Yin and Yang. In addition to being connected to our organs, the meridians are also connected to the Chakras, very important energy centers used in Reiki treatments.

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