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2012:  Massage therapist- Paris International Spa School: Main d'or course 

2014: Sports educator -  Institute of the profession of form -   Specialized gentle gymnastics 

2020:  Sophrologist- Caycedian method - Rncp 

French School of Sophrology

2020:  Reikioloquy- Level III

2021:Certificate  Child yoga awakening workshop facilitator / baby massage

sylvie pham massage a antibes

Sylvie PHAM

well-being coach


My vocation   is to help others to  find the best version of themselves
and to reveal themselves.

About me 

Rich in my professional experience since 2012 as a wellness practitioner, I decided to deepen my knowledge in this area over time....


In 2017, I invest myself even more  in the sports field I pass the necessary diploma to become a sports educator.  


Since 2012,   it has been essential for me to maintain a good hygiene of life and body when working in the well-being sector in order to stay in shape, to provide quality care and to be able to meet the needs of my demanding clientele.

This period allowed me to better know the body with its limits in the effort,   give advice on the different movements that can relieve areas of tension, avoid bad postures and make the body more flexible .


It is also obvious to me that I specialize in so-called gentle gymnastics: the Pilates Level 1 & 2 method for all ages et  seniors and pregnant women, and Hatha yoga_cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ in 2018 Beginner & intermediate level which are two of the gentle fitness techniques with both physical and mental benefits.


The regular practice of a sports activity allows you to stay in shape, improve your physical condition and also prevent muscle pain  by the fact that the muscle strengthening that each of these disciplines offer  but also the flexibility that the body requires to have a healthy body  at any age.


How to help a person to get better in his body and in his head without the massage and the practice of sport?

In 2019, I became a state-certified sophrologist with honors.


Sophrology is a verbal and psycho-corporal method, that is to say that it designates methods which apprehend the human being at the same time in his psychological and bodily dimension, generally for a psychotherapeutic purpose.

It combines exercises that work on breathing, muscle relaxation and mental imagery or positive visualization.

Through my techniques and my feelings, I wish to establish a unique link with each person in search of well-being, while transmitting my positive energy, promoting letting go and absolute relaxation.

I therefore have solid knowledge and several skills as a well-being coach to support you in your search for well-being.

Today mother of two children, I also want to support parents in their parenthood wishing to create, strengthen ties with their children through zen, fun and playful workshops.

Course of a session 

Well-being questionnaire 

Muscle / Energy Diagnosis

Review of session 

It is from an anamnesis that I get to know you, so it will be easier to define your objective and better meet your needs.

The impact of emotions on our body. An emotion is a psychological and physical reaction to a situation. It first has an internal manifestation and generates an external reaction. It is provoked by the confrontation with a situation and the interpretation of reality. Emotions such as fear or anger are accompanied by physical sensations (Knotted stomach, tight throat, chills in the back or lump in the stomach, physical tension...) We will detect and relieve physical tension during this session.

It would be interesting to put words on what you feel and or to allow yourself to evacuate them.

Through the anamnesis and the diagnosis I give you a feedback on what it would be useful to work together and what is possible to put in place to achieve your goal 

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