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Energy massage

The philosophy of energy massage is to prevent disease in order to preserve and maintain health. Like most other manipulations, it seeks to harmonize body and mind, taking a global approach to the body. By eliminating energy blockages in this way, vital energy can finally flow freely.

By aiming for the harmony of body and mind, energy massages generally include a time to use pure relaxation techniques and a second time to perform digito-pressures along the meridians, in order to bring about the return to body balance.

Massage crânien

Energy massages are used to stimulate the various energy points (meridians and acupuncture points) in order to soothe tensions, relieve localized pain and revitalize the body. Used for millennia in all civilizations (Chinese, Hindu, Western),


so-called "energetic" massages are often deep massages exercised gently. Contrary to what their name might suggest, they are not intended to energize or wake up, even if their effects make it possible to erase feelings of fatigue. On the contrary, they allow you to reach a state of deep relaxation by rebalancing the body's energies.

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